Custom Orders. 

We love accepting custom orders! At the moment we accept custom orders for both wreaths, fluid paintings and bouquets. When placing a custom order we will provide you with a form that will have the following details for you to fill out that include, but are limited to colour scheme, occasion/theme, size and so forth. Please contact us at tijasartscrafts@gmail.com or on our social media sites with regards of placing a custom order. 


We are currently located in the region of Simcoe County, Ontario in Canada. 

Social Media. 

Feel free to follow us on our Instagram page, our FaceBook page, our Pinterest page, or on our YouTube page. We also accept questions and comments about products on these social media platforms. 

Payment Options. 

At the moment we only accept the following payment options: PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. For local delivery cash only. All our prices are in Canadian dollars.

Sale Taxes. 

We do not manually apply sale taxes to our orders. 

Care Instructions. 

We provide a care instruction flyer within every package shipped. There are two separate care instruction flyers: one for paintings, and the other for wreaths. 

Local Delivery. 

We offer local delivery to some areas of Simcoe County, ON and Grey County, ON. Please contact us at tijasartscrafts@gmail.com or on our social media sites for more details regarding local delivery. 

Terms & Services. 

By visiting or purchasing items from our website, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or exploit our products.  

Questions and Comments. 

If you have more unanswered questions, please contact us at tijasartscrafts@gmail.com for any details. Thank you!